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Olivewood Communion Plate

Olivewood Communion Plate

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Olivewood Communion Plate. SKU: 200

Olive wood from Israel is used to create these handmade communion plates, each engraved with the message, "This Is My Body, Broken for You."

Sold as part of our Olive Wood Communion Sets, Items 1534 and 1541, this plate can be purchased separately to increase the size of your Communion Set or for a Passover Seder. 

The olive tree is symbolic of so many things in the Bible. The olive branch is a symbol of peace, the oil from the tree is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and the tree itself is a symbol of life. The knots, texture and beauty of this olive wood plate is very much in line with what a first century AD Carpenter would have used regularly.

  • Made from Israeli olive wood
  • 5 1/4" diameter
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